What clients are saying about Circles, Womb Wisdom Groups and 1:1 Art Therapy Sessions.

“Art is a constant agent of transformation and is indeed the soul’s drive to health.”

~ Cathy Malchiodi, The Soul’s Palette: Drawing on Arts Transformative Powers for Health and Well-Being

Womb Wisdom Online

“Being able to engage in this course over six weeks has allowed me to deep dive into my inner world. I have expected at the end of the six weeks to walk away with more knowledge about my cycle, but instead I feel like I have walked away with a deeper relationship with myself. My understanding of what “my cycle” is has changed – I see it now as intrinsically linked to whom I am as a person and a strength. This is work that I would like to continue to pursue and I am excited to see what can come from continuing on this path. 
I also appreciated the space that was created and held by Phoebe; it was informative, safe and nurturing all at once. Her passion for the subject was clear and lit a similar fire within me. I appreciated beginning the space with movement as it helped me to transition into the space and relax. The whole flow of the course was great! I sometimes found the online format challenging, but not often. Overall, I felt this was a really valuable experience that I would recommend to others wanting to learn more and sink into their own internal worlds and the wisdom it provides. Thank you again Phoebe for holding such an experience for us all.”

Anna – Womb Wisdom, 2021

“It has been so beautiful to have a support group of like minded women in the circle who have come together for the same reasons. So nice to feel safe and a sense of sisterhood/sisterly bond and love between us. This course taught me how to utilise the power that I already hold within me and reclaim my femininity in a way where there are no judgments and where I am more in tune with my body and the rhythm of the seasons. I learned that my cycle holds a deeper power over me than I have realised in the past, and that it is a beautiful tool for manifesting and for being mindful of your powers as well as being okay to take my time to relax and wind down when needed. I’ve started to pay attention more and more to the shifts in my body and analysing moods and emotions in a different way, with more acceptance and kindness towards myself. I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be on board on this journey and for continuing to teach me beautiful and exhilarating knowledge that can help me blossom and grow even more as a person and a woman.”

Sofia – Womb Wisdom, 2021

“Womb wisdom has been such a great escape and end to the week. I’ve loved every single bit of it. What I gained most was the feeling of not being alone in what I have been feeling and struggling with as a Woman all of my life, and how weirdly similar we all are and how connected we are to each other. I am not bleeding and hence what’s been hard for me, is to connect that deeply to that kind of energy and process in the body, but discovering I am deeply connected to the moon and that it can explain my changes in energy during my cycle. I’ve been inspired to get off my contraceptive for the first time in 16 years to be able to fully connect and understand my body and it’s powers. What was new and memorable was just sharing such deeply rooted feelings about myself and the realisation that so many women have these feelings about themselves too. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to connect to people that quickly over the computer and internet. Very very cool! I usually have lots of anxiety when I’m doing art because I feel like I’m shitty at it but during these weeks I haven’t had any problems with doing art at all. I have been able to sit and paint and not let any thoughts or pressure from the outside world get to me. I am so thankful for you Phoebe and everything that you are.”

Josephine – Womb Wisdom, 2021

“I have found this course to have really been eye opening and engaging to help me connect to my innate feminine wisdom. What I gained most was how to listen, and hear what my body has to say and how to connect with my true self without fear and judgement. Also, connection with other beautiful women and be part of this community. I’ve learnt how to understand my cycles better, and not just the moontime/bleeds but all my recurring energy and emotional cycles. I was able to make connections and understand the repeating cycles, ebbs and flow of my life and in doing that understand myself better and how to respond/prepare and make sure to meet my own needs, and how to listen to my internal voice and what my body is trying to tell me. Thank you so much for facilitating this beautiful virtual sacred space for us all.”

Maddy – Womb Wisdom, 2021

In Person Circles

“Loved it all – Sitting outside amongst the element of fire, the snacks and soup, the vibe, the activities. The singing was new – but it was beautiful. I do find it challenging speaking in a large group but it’s a good growth thing for me and allows me to accept that it’s Ok to be vulnerable, sometimes. I just like listening and not talking too much…Thank you again!”

Heart-Space Participant – June, 2021

‘Beautiful, held and gentle. I loved the space to gently explore expression of my body and the art timeline. I felt I shared as I felt and allowed myself to be in my heart. Loved it and will be back!’

Art as Ritual Participant – April, 2021

‘It was grounding and felt like a very safe and welcoming space. I enjoyed sitting around the circle, it felt open and comforting. I will be taking the circle altar into my own life. I felt comfortable and able to be introspective.

Art as Ritual Participant – April, 2021

‘It took me a while to relax and settle in. Maybe it was the unknown. I felt a bit calmer after we did the meditation and after we talked through the rules and what was happening this evening. In general I feel calmed, relaxed and soothed. I liked the mandala and making the map. I felt I learnt a lot from what others have said too. It was powerful stepping on the two statements. Memorable will be breathing going in and out of doors, my mandala and the lovely people here today. I felt hesitant and a bit anxious, but felt good after sharing. I had a wonderful evening. Thank you, I will come again.’

Art as Ritual Participant – April, 2021

‘Phoebe created such a calming, safe, space where women could gather, share from their hearts and just be. I’ve created before in women’s circles but I loved going through the seasons/year and channelling them into art – really powerful to have it visible. I felt comfortable, confident and safe, thanks to your beautiful holding container.’

Heart-Space Participant – March, 2021

‘It felt safe, grounded, deeply held and nurtured. I loved every part and deeply enjoyed the art wheel of season and clay. I found the medicine wheel art brought such emotions to the surface, so found it healing and cathartic to draw and cry it out. I felt safe to be authentic and share and just be with everyone in the activities. Loved every moment and appreciated it so very much. Thank you!!!! See you at the next!’

Heart-Space Participant – March, 2021

‘I enjoyed being able to have space to enter into for myself, connect with others and cultivate my seeds for the future. I loved working with the clay and creating a transitional object to carry forth. Closing with a movement felt powerful. I had space to choose how much/little I could contribute. Thank you for creating this space for us to enter into.’

Heart-Space Participant – March, 2021

‘Felt free, open, nourished and grateful. I liked how safe and easy it felt to be here, to engage and to share. I actually felt so nourished by the offering of personal tea jugs and the food. Energetically it felt special. I felt like I engaged at the level that I was at. Was able to tap into and show playfulness.’

Heart-Space Participant – March, 2021

‘Felt really warm and safe. I have enjoyed it. I think it all came together; the atmosphere, the art, the clay (grounding) and card sharing. All very good. I felt good, safe, warm and relaxed. The circle you make is so beautiful!’

Heart-Space Participant – March, 2021

“I had a lovely evening surrounded by like-minded women. Thank you for creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment for thinking and sharing. I really enjoyed the oracle card interpretation and journaling with time and space conducive for grounding and allowing emotions to surface. Playing with the clay was something I haven’t done in a very long time. It is a special take-away from the evening that I will have the chance to make use of in the future and it will be a good reminder of the realisations that I came to during the circle. I think your women’s circle is a wonderful concept and I’d go again and certainly recommend others to join.”

Heart-Space Participant – January, 2021

“It was an amazing experience, a wonderful first circle. I felt very comfortable and safe. I really enjoyed the medicine wheel and clay work. It was memorable and different opening up about sensitive topics with people I’ve never met. It felt great to be open and vulnerable. Just wanted to say thank you for creating this beautiful space and opportunity.”

Heart-Space Participant – January, 2021

1:1 Art Therapy Session

“I found myself in a difficult situation where life wasn’t stopping and I needed to reconnect with myself and slow down. Phoebe is patient, kind and offered the support I needed to find time for myself to focus on the bigger picture. The session with Phoebe allowed me to express myself visually and map out my past and present experiences, which guided me to gaining a new outlook and perspective. I would highly recommend this form of counselling that utilises art as practice, and of course Phoebe herself.”

Amanda – Design Student

“Phoebe has really helped me change my mindset, she’s incredibly genuine, calm and understanding. I reached out to her when I was at the bottom, never have tried art therapy. I was quite nervous and judgemental to my art skills. But after the session I felt relief and gratitude. I could even go to sleep feeling proud of myself for sharing and exploring my inner emotions and thoughts. Phoebe is a hero and the most beautiful soul. Thank you for guiding me through, you made me feel free and created a safe space. Most importantly you made me aware of self-love, to be and feel creative and accepted, for me.”

Alex – Medical Receptionist