Transpersonal & Holistic 1:1 Sessions

Supporting you on your healing and transformational journey.

‘Each of us is a living medicine wheel moving through the seasons of a lifetime that extends far beyond the boundaries of the physical body. Each of us is a unique blend of energies. We feel them swirling, pulsing and, in some cases, lying dormant until their time to awaken. These energies are felt inwardly just as we notice them in nature. We each reflect the ebb and flow of the seasons, the power of the elements, the mystery of moon phases, and the cycles of all of life. We are a living medicine wheel; one that reflects the lifetime of the soul.’

~ Gina Millard, What is Shaman’s Fire

1:1 Transpersonal Art Therapy Sessions

I offer 1:1 art therapy sessions in person or online via zoom. 

The first session is always about getting to know one another and seeing how we work together. 

I’m trained both in transpersonal art therapy and shamanic practices, so the two are very much interwoven throughout my work. When participating in an art therapy session I may also introduce drumming and other ceremonial items (however this is different from a shamanic healing).

Art Therapy is a combination of talk therapy and art making. I work within a client-centred therapeutic model, meaning I believe the client has the answers to their own healing. My role as a practitioner is to provide a safe container for the client to explore within and to offer tools and techniques to aid the client in accessing their own inner wisdom for healing and self empowerment.

Many different art modalities and materials are used in session, ranging from pastels and paints, to clay and natural objects. All can be modified for clients individual and physical needs. 

Art Therapy is not about creating a ‘masterpiece’ – it’s about expressing and exploring what is real and authentic to you. The focus is never about the ‘quality’ of the art, rather the message it perceives. Anybody can do Art Therapy, no previous art experience required.

1:1 Art Therapy- Initial Session (90″)$120
1:1 Art Therapy – Follow Up Session (60″)$90
1:1 Art Therapy – Follow Up Session (90″)$120

Shamanic Healing Session

The way a shamanic healing works is that the client and practitioner work together with Spirit to obtain knowledge and new perspectives – to guide them on their healing and transformative journey. Some of the techniques and practices used are shamanic drumming, trance dance, mask work, sacred theatre, chakra alignment, journeying into landscape, dream work, ritual and ceremony.

A strong framework is put in place before we enter into any altered states of consciousness. We will work predominantly around the Medicine Wheel, allowing you to become familiar with all the directions and their healing qualities. You will start to develop an embodied sense of the wheel, which will enable you to travel deeper into the shamanic landscape, as well as becoming your container/safe holding throughout the sessions.

There are a minimum of three sessions to a healing; consultation, main body of work and integration. Each session is roughly 60-90 minutes in duration. I also offer singular shamanic drum journeys to clients that already have an established relationship with the wheel. Sessions go for 90 minutes, allowing space at the end for integration through art or journaling.

*Taking on new clients in July*

1:1 Shamanic Healing (3 sessions)$320
1:1 Drum Journey (90″)$120

1:1 Menstrual Cycle Mentorship

During your 1:1 mentorship we’ll explore your menstrual cycle holistically through both a spiritual and scientific lense. We’ll work within a shamanic model tuning into your innate cyclical nature to explore the ebbs and flow of life – inner seasons, moon phases and directions of the Medicine Wheel.

Together we’ll discuss your relationship to your cycle and the feminine plus any healing goals and intent you may have. We’ll also explore belief systems, social conditioning, woundings and rites of passage through a variety of art therapy processes.

By the end of our time together you’ll come to know your intrinsic nature, personal medicine and how to live in-sync with your cycle and needs, as well as how to honour them in a non-cyclical society.

I look forward to embarking on this deep, creative, transformative journey with you!

Sessions available in person or via Zoom.

1:1 Moontime Mentoring (6 sessions)$620
1:1 Moontime Art Exploration (90″)$120

‘Transpersonal which literally means “beyond the persona or personal” marries psychology and spirituality. 
In psychological terms, transpersonal means revealing the true self and inner authenticity. It is a path to self-awareness and self-realization, which unites ancient and modern wisdom and offers a range of tools and techniques to explore the many aspects of our existence’


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