Art Therapy & Shamanic Practices

How ancient wisdom, art and creativity can best support your integrated modern life.

As human beings, we feel our best surrounded by nature – the presence of plants and the vastness of ocean can improve our mood and lift our spirits. The challenge is, how do we stay connected to nature in a modern world; a fast paced, often demanding and disconnected society? How do we access our own inner nature, to remain deep in communication and reciprical relationship with the land, community and oneself? Is it possible to live cyclically and sustainably, in-sync with the rhythms of the seasons in an urban lifestyle and modern society?

Art Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner, Phoebe Clare walks with a foot in both worlds. Her practice encourages clients to tap into their own inner wisdom, soul’s memory and wild ways; to become familiar with the many cycles of life. Rediscover art, creativity and ritual as powerful tool to help navigate through all of life’s challenges and celebrations, so you can live a truly fulfilled, integrated life.

heal through art & creativity

be guided by Spirit & nature

connect with community

Phoebe Clare McKay

Hello, my name is Phoebe Clare and I identify as a white cisgender woman. I graduated in May 2019, with an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy, with the College of Complementary Medicine. I hold a membership with Holistic Therapies Australia and recently completed my diploma in Shamanic Masks of Traditional Healing (IICT accredited course).

My role as a Transpersonal Art Therapist and Shamanic Practitioner

As a Transpersonal Practitioner, my focus is supporting you on your authentic journey and creating a safe container for you to explore within. I’m here to share tools and techniques with you, to deepen your connection to self, Spirit and the land, so that you can walk your path with more support, guidance, knowing and ease.

The work I weave

I have a strong love for the sacred mysteries of menstruation and the natural, cyclical world. The modalities I weave into my work are art exploration, creative expression, soul crafting, movement exploration, guided meditation, holistic charting, ritual, rites of passage and ceremony. 

Transpersonal Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a combination of talk therapy and art making. I work within a client-centred therapeutic model, meaning I believe the client has the answers to their own healing. My role as a practitioner is to provide a safe container for the client to explore within and to offer tools and techniques to aid the client in accessing their inner wisdom for healing and transformation.

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Artwork (right) ‘Our Journey’ by Gaia Orion

Shamanic Healing

A shamanic healing supports you to step into agency and ownership of our innate capacity to heal ourself! We will work predominantly around the Medicine Wheel, allowing you to become familiar with all the directions and their healing qualities. You will start to develop an embodied sense of the wheel, which will enable you to travel deeper into the shamanic landscape, as well as becoming your container/safe holding moving forward into Shamanic work.

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Join the next online Circle

This year, circles will be held on the eight sabbats for participants to explore the turning of the seasons and the dance between the external and internal. The sabbats are seasonal festivals that mark the main solar points of the year (solstices and equinoxes) and the midpoints between them. We will be exploring these themes through art, meditation, movement and ceremony. I hope you can join us throughout the year on this creative and soulful journey through the seasons!

Womb Wisdom (online creative journey)

The science and spiritual wisdom that most of us are not taught about our menstrual cycles. Including how our hormones and heightened sensitivity aka PMS offer shamanic abilities and deep visioning, offering regular healing and transformation. A six week holistic, creative journey exploring your menstrual cycle through art and ritual.

What Client’s are saying about their experiences:

Maddy – Womb Wisdom 2021

“I have found this course to have really been eye opening and engaging to help me connect to my innate feminine wisdom. What I gained most was how to listen, and hear what my body has to say and how to connect with my true self without fear and judgement. Also, connection with other beautiful women and be part of this community. I’ve learnt how to understand my cycles better, and not just the moontime/bleeds but all my recurring energy and emotional cycles. I was able to make connections and understand the repeating cycles, ebbs and flow of my life and in doing that understand myself better and how to respond/prepare and make sure to meet my own needs, and how to listen to my internal voice and what my body is trying to tell me. Thank you so much for facilitating this beautiful virtual sacred space for us all.”

Anonymous – Circle Participant 2021

“I had a lovely evening surrounded by like-minded women. Thank you for creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment for thinking and sharing. I really enjoyed the oracle card interpretation and journaling with time and space conducive for grounding and allowing emotions to surface. Playing with the clay was something I haven’t done in a very long time. It is a special take-away from the evening that I will have the chance to make use of in the future and it will be a good reminder of the realisations that I came to during the circle. I think your women’s circle is a wonderful concept and I’d go again and certainly recommend others to join.”

Amanada – Art Therapy Client

“I found myself in a difficult situation where life wasn’t stopping and I needed to reconnect with myself and slow down. Phoebe is patient, kind and offered the support I needed to find time for myself to focus on the bigger picture. The session with Phoebe allowed me to express myself visually and map out my past and present experiences, which guided me to gaining a new outlook and perspective. I would highly recommend this form of counselling that utilises art as practice, and of course Phoebe herself.”

The Sunroom acknowledges the traditional owners of Country throughout Australia and supports the recognition of traditional Aboriginal Lore across the Nation. We pay our respects to all elders past, present and emerging on this land. 

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